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Our Products

We focus on providing our customers quality AHRI certified ductless systems that fall in two categories: The basic inverter systems for the general contractor and luxury high-end inverter systems with ratings up to 25 SEER.


We offer businesses the ability to customize our products through a simple white labeling process. Customers can either order by bulk to save additional money or simply order one product at a time. We do not discriminate between larger and smaller companies. You can choose to order one of our existing brands or make your own.


All of our products are certified for North American use but are also AHRI certified. The combination of these two factors make our products not only safe for the consumers but ensure you as a company that you are receiving a top quality product that not only looks great, but also runs great and at proven and tested optimal efficiency.


We view ourselves as an extension to your own business. We know that by growing your sales and product offerings, it will have the same effect on our business. Because of this, we provide exceptional service to ensure that you receive exactly what you ordered and also back you with extensive parts support if a particular need arises.

Our Available Product Offerings

Contractor Grade Systems

Our contractor grade systems are perfect for the everyday user looking for general heat and cooling in their home. Ideal for the budget conscious customer wanting a quality product but not looking to spend a fortune.


Each contractor grade system comes with the following:


  • – 9000 btu – 24000 btu capacity
  • – ahri certification
  • – 15 SEER efficiency
  • – ETL certification

High Seer Luxury Systems

Our luxury high SEER systems are perfect for the customer that is looking to get the maximum efficiency out of his heating and cooling system. Ideal for the customer looking for government rebates or for the customer wanting a quality product with all the bells and whistles.


Each high seer system comes with the following:


  • – 9000 btu – 24000 btu capacity
  • – ahri certification
  • – up to 25 SEER efficiency
  • – ETL certification
  • – heat strip
  • – WiFi
  • – two way motorized louvers
  • – dual thermostat

Get in touch with us to get more information on one of our available product lines.