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Create Your Own Brand

Allow us to help you create your own mini split air conditioner brand from scratch and increase your bottom line!

We are the leading online private label and white label mini split air conditioner and ductless heat pump provider. If your company wants its own brand to help bring costs down and increase profit margin, then you need to look at this option. Having your own brand is great because it allows you to charge whatever you want on what you offer.


We specialize in creating low-risk custom brands for our customers. Whether you are a small or a big company, we can help you achieve your goal. For a small fee (it really is small), we will give you access to our program and even give you special discounts on marketing materials to help promote your products.


There are no minimum orders to be part of this program but once you hit a specific amount of sales, you will become a VIP partner with access to even better pricing.